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Chess clock AM1401c

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After several years of working on its development and testing on many different tournaments finally high-quality clock for chess players is in the sale. The chess clock model AM 1401 c is intended primarily for competitions. The clock has communication with the digital chessboard produced by DGT, which is currently the only one on the market. This model also has a communication with a digital chessboard which developes the firm Chess plus. The combination of this clock and table provides a set of benefits that are not offered by any manufacturer right now.

The clock is made from the highest quality components that can be found on the market. More about the installed components you can see on page equipment.

Basic features of the new digital chess clock "Chess-plus" and what makes it the best of all chess clocks that are currently in offer is:

  1. "Chess-pluss" is a wooden clock with wooden buckets (unlike others - plastic), high-quality workmanship.
  2. It is the simplest for use, simplier then the already known watches.
  3. The possibility of using all types and periods of the game is built in the hour.
  4. Precision in timekeeping with extremely low battery power. With two AA batteries can operate continuously for 18 months.
  5. It is compatible with all electronic boards
  6. Complies with all FIDE rules of chess.
  7. Large display with diagonal length of over 5 " with anti-reflex glass and clear visibility of numbers, which can be seen in the photographs (no shadows, although taken with flash).

What is new and advantages over the current:

  1. The existence of a "zero" mode with memory that records the last time before disconnection, even accidental disconnection
  2. Illegal moves are simple to correct, without the possibility of errors and without the option of a player to be damaged
  3. The possibility of programming modes with or without counting strokes. So far the mostly used method was the one where clock adds time after having played 40 moves. However, on more and more international competitions, time is added when the flag of  first player  falls. This clock has both possibilities.
  4. The possibility of programming with or without blocking time when "flag falls." The judge can choose what happens when a player’s flag falls. The first possibility is that the clock is blocked, and the other is that time still runs for the player whose flag did not fall. This clock allows such a choice.
  5. Transition to the next game or mode without turning off. The clock does not have to be turned on and off constantly. Transition to the next game is done by combining of two buttons.

This page allows you to send your comments, suggestions and criticisms that will contribute to the further development and improvement of our products. It will be our pleasure to share your impressions with us and future customers.

Thank you

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