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The chess clock model AM1401c is the best model currently available on the market. The watch has a built-in communication with the digital chessboard produced by DGT, which is currently the only one on the market. This model also has a communication with a digital chessboard which developes the firm Chess plus. The combination of this clock and table provides a set of benefits that are not offered by any manufacturer right now. This will be discussed when our chessboard soon appears on the market.

The following makes this watch the best:

  • Armor made of first class solid wood gives it exceptional strength. That guarantees longevity of clock, resistance to fracture, much pleasent feeling that the wood enables to players as a natural material compared to plastic. This is the first chess armor in which everything, even the switch,is made of wood.
  • Connector for connection to the chessboard is on the lower side,  built into the bottom of the clock. Thus hidden does not violate the aesthetic appearance of the clock and it is very functional.
  • The buttons for programming and modes selection are silicone membrane. These switches are installed in the equipment of superior quality. Unlike ordinary switches that guarantee 3000 to 5000 trigger, depending on the manufacturer, these switches guarantee 200 000 clicks. Consequently they are much more durable than ordinary switches.
  • The dijagonal of display is over 5 inches with anti-reflective glass. Anti-reflective glass guarantees clear visibility regardless of where the source of light comes from. In the picture you can see clearly the numbers in terms of direct light falling on the display. On displays that do not have anti-reflective you would see just glare. Large numbers guarantee visibility from a distance of over 5 meters. This way players are protected from obstruction. The judges and the viewers do not need to approach the players to check how much is left to the end of the game.
  • Equipment of superior quality ensures long and reliable operation. Read more about the installed equipment on page equipment.
  • 22 most commonly used modes are programmed in the clock .With very simple programming, it is possible that the clock works in all known gameplay modes so far. It is possible to program the 4 intervals,it is possible to choose whether the clock counts the moves and switches to the next interval or you can leave that possibility to judges. It is also available the choice that after the flag falls, opponent’s time is blocked or not. 
  • Extremely low power consumption enables the clock, with two alkaline AA batteries 1.5V, continuous operation for at least 18 months.
  • Accuracy of the clock is much larger than the rules require.
  • Selection of finished modes, programming of new modes and reseting time after incorrectly played moves is the simplest of all the models that are currently on the market.
  • The clock is fully compliant with all regulations prescribed by the rules of FIDE.

The method of connecting with boards

The clock output is standard RJ10 connector. To connect with DGT board it needs an adapter A1 or A2. Adapter A1 is sufficient to connect to the DGT board that has standard equipment manufacturers. As our past experience shows, a large number of users due to the high price of uses power that is not in original manufacturer's offer. This may badly affect the operation, primarily the board and the clock which is connected to the board. Therefore, in these cases it is advisable to use the adapter A2 which is protected against voltage variations due to inadequate power supply board. Connection method is explained on page video instructions.

What is new and important advantage of the clock AM1401c comparing to the other clocks, you can see on page New solutions and benefits.

All this is certainly enough reason to give us your trust.