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Chess  is made from the highest quality components:


  1. Processor is PIC and characterized by extremely low power consumption. With two regular AA batteries 1.5 V, the clock can operate over 1.5 year without a shutdown. This processor is used in the military industry for the most sophisticated weapons. We have chosen to incorporate it into our products because of its reliability in all conditions (working on the temprature of -600C -1100C) as well as the extremely low power consumption. It is clear that its capabilities go far beyond the needs that require a digital chess clock.
  2. The buttons for programming are silicone membrane. These buttons are characterized by the possibility of a large number of pressing. Unlike ordinary buttons that are in all other watches  that have the ability of the 3000 - 5000 pressing, membrane buttons are declared on 200 000 minimum pressure. These buttons are usually implanted in the scanner, the best remote controls and military equipment.
  3. The display is made of glass, diagonal length over 5 ". Anti-reflective glass enables clear visibility in terms of direct light.
  4. Beeper for sound signals is from manufacturer TDK.
  5. Switch to activate the player moves is non-contact,from the renowned American manufacturer. This enables reliable operation and longevity. It has a much longer lifetime than contact switch. It is positioned to be protected from breakage by whatever the strength of the players turn the switch (seesaw) after having played strokes.
  6. All other onboard electronics resistors, capacitors, diodes ... is the brand name.


  • The box is made of wood. It is made of first category solid wood. Depending on various models, the box is made of first-class steamed beech, white ash (model rustic), first-class cherry class and first-class white Slavonian oak. Since it is made of solid wood thick 7mm - 7.5 mm, box is extremely solid. Wood from which the box is made is dried that there is no possibility of its later deformation under any normal conditions.
  • Carriers and bottom are made of ABS plastic that is used in the best devices and which is much more expensive and higher quality plastic that is commonly used.